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The Longing

So last month I started writing a bit about what should be the Christian’s longing for another world and a recognition that we are aliens and strangers just passing through this land on our way home. I long for that day when I arrive home. I am looking forward to the day when I am […]

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Let Everything Else Go

As I continue some thoughts from last week on the idea of being aliens and strangers, sojourners passing through this land, citizens of a much different place – citizens of Heaven, I am reminded of one of my favorite songs of all time by my favorite musician of all time. Here is a video of […]

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It’s kind of funny that as I’ve been contemplating this idea of this world not being our home over the past few weeks, I’m finding more people writing on it than usual. I saw this blog post this morning tweeted by Bill Welte, President and CEO of America’s Keswick in Whiting, NJ. It is written […]

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Longing For The Far-Off Country

I saw this excerpt from C.S. Lewis’ sermon, The Weight of Glory, posted over at The Gospel Coalition site the other day and it again reminds me of the reality that our destination is far better than our present location. This world is not our home. We are merely strangers passing through.  Read and enjoy the beauty […]

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This World Is Not My Home

I’ve been spending time recently contemplating the idea of writing some on death and eternity. I haven’t pulled the trigger until today because, quite frankly, I haven’t had the time to sit and write. I also don’t want to be perceived as that “morbid guy” who always talks about dying. I love the life God has […]

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Peru | Monday | 07.28.14

Today was the last full day of the Open House here. All of the students leave tomorrow after breakfast and it’s back to work for us. Our guys’ soccer team came in second place as did our Splashball Team, while our volleyball teams didn’t fair quite as we’ll. It’s been a crazy past few days […]

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